Wednesday, August 31, 2016

peter's newborn photos

on the 29th little man turned five months old, how is that possible?!  it seems like only a few weeks ago he was this tiny little munchkin who did nothing but eat, cry & sleep.  not much has changed in that regard except that he's switched out the crying for happily screeching like a velociraptor while he's awake and playing.  his favorite time to practice this new skill is right after he wakes up in the morning, i think it's his way of trying to make sure everyone else in the house wakes up. "everyone still sleeping?  here, let me sing you the song of my people!"  it can be both adorable & slightly annoying, but mostly adorable.  funny how babies work like that huh?  so, in honor of his graduation from tiny little infant to dinosaur, here are some photos from his newborn session to enjoy!  im having a hard time believing he was ever this small... 

p.s. a huge thank you to my amazingly talented sister who took these for us!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

rough days. happy pictures.

these past few days have been rough.  little man has been sick and wants to be held all day & all night, i can feel myself getting sick (seriously, there should be some kind of natural law that doesn't allow moms to get sick) and zo was sick two weeks ago.  it's not even winter time yet!  "building our immune systems" is what i have to keep telling myself as i wipe snot off of peter's face for the 50th time today.  hopefully by the time cold & flu season is upon us we'll have already paid our fair share of sleepless nights, runny noses & sore throats to not get sick anymore *fingers crossed*. so while i sit here in the rocking chair trying to get peter to stay asleep, i thought i'd post a few photos that make me smile and help to remind myself of how lucky & blessed i really am. i hope you all had a great wednesday! wait is it already thursday? someone please pass the wine coffee... 


my little "helper" in the kitchen 

our fav grocery store & fresh flowers make every day better  

sunflowers as big as your face! 

oh target, why do you steal all of my money with your random cute items? 

Um how adorable are these elephant booties my sis made?!  i'm dying over the cuteness  

kids in bed. 
pj's on. wine in hand. catalog browsing.  I'm not the only one who does this, right? p.s. I need the whole garden section in here 

I found my new fav 
shirt at kohls the other day #cheers

annnd more baby feet because they are so tiny & adorable and I can't get over how cute those little fox pants are

she was insistent she had to wear her boots, which are too small, to the store this morning... #pickyourbattles

Saturday, August 13, 2016


welcome to our corner of the web!  here's a short intro about my little family and a bit of an explanation about the blog title.  for starters, i'm a wife to a wonderful & hardworking husband who loves me more than i deserve and in return, i cook for him and give him babies. but in all seriousness i really do love him a whole lot. we were married in april 2013 (04/20/2013 in colorado to be exact and no, we aren't potheads it was just the most convenient date). in may 2014 we welcomed our first baby into the world, a gorgeous little girl with a head full of dark hair.  she's now a toddler with a sweet personality and the stubbornness of a teenager.  i say she gets it from her father.  in march 2016 we were blessed with our second child, a healthy & strong boy. this baby has been impressing us since day one, by his second day on earth he was already holding his head up for 5-10min!  maybe it's his size that helps, by four months he's already a little over 17lbs and feels more like a toddler than his big sister does. we live in the great state of texas and since we are currently going through one of the hottest summers ever, i am more than ready to move somewhere with colder temps and scenic views. i'm thinking hawaii would do nicely...

our story begins
zoey elizabeth at two months old
peter leon, one day old
so, a little background story about the title of this blog.  everyone knows that babies are messy little spit-up machines, but until we had our second we didn't really deal with much spit-up from his big sis. this one spits-up basically anytime of the day no matter how many times he's burped, sat upright after eating, eaten fewer amounts to try and lessen the chances of it happening, basically nothing helps. so you will find burp cloths all over our house just waiting to be used, but somehow he always manages to miss the cloth and make a mess all over whomever is holding him. well one day i was walking around holding little man up on my shoulder when he proceeds to spit-up a good amount which of course misses the burp cloth on my shoulder and instead runs down my back, arms, legs and creates a pile on the floor.  tmi? sorry.  being frustrated at the fact that that was not the first time it had happened to me that morning i declared, ya know just slightly frustrated, "oh my gosh! why?! every single time!" and since our toddler is currently going through "parrot phase" she likes to repeat everything she hears, the next time peter spit-up i suddenly heard zoey yell "ahh every single time! every single time!" now coming from the mouth of a toddler who can't pronounce many words correctly this sounds just plain adorable which helps to make the situation much more bearable and even (at times) funny.  you will see her walking around with her little stuffed animals pretending to make them burp and then have an "every single time" moment, which she says about 5 times in a row, which means it's said/heard about 20-30 times every day. this is what inspired the name of this blog, a messy little boy and his talkative big sis who can always help make me smile when i least feel like it. my family is my world and i am so thankful for being blessed with all of them. i hope you enjoy following along as i post about our daily lives- be on the lookout for posts about life with two babies (duh), motherhood, home projects, mommy fashion (for those non t-shirt & sweat pants days that come around every so often) and of course, all of our "every single time!" moments.