Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Helllooo 35 weeks!

  well, it only took until the middle of the night when i was rocking PB back to sleep and started having mildly painful contractions for me to realize that this baby is coming.  and she's coming soon.  that's when it hit me, we literally have nothing prepared...  i don't know if it's a third kid thing or what but i just haven't even thought about all the stuff that needs to be brought out, washed, packed, bought, etc.   well until last night.  and that's when i started freaking out a bit and making a mental list of things to do before she arrives.  so i told myself I would at least spend a couple hours going through baby clothes after the kids went to bed tonight annnnddd yet i somehow managed to never get around to it. instead i ate ice cream out of the carton and lounged on the couch... sorry baby, you're gonna be living in the hospital onesies your entire infant life ;)

dress: Umgee USA (amazon) {no longer available in white} 

i did have an ultrasound last week to check her growth and just as i suspected, she's measuring right on schedule!  as if she'd be tiny considering how uncomfortable i'm feeling these days ;) unfortunately there goes my excuse to pig out on unhealthy food, sigh.  but i do have to say that the highlight of my appointment was Zo pointing at the pictures of female anatomy in the patients room and declaring "mommy!  that's the biggest volcano ever!" umm yes.. yes it is.  seriously, toddlers say the funniest & most embarrassing things.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Thursday, September 28, 2017

learning to slow down

leotard: Alice & Ames  

these past few days Zo has tried my patience like none other.  the main cause of it is most likely due to lack of sleep on both our parts.  for some reason she's been waking up around 1-2am and not going back to sleep till almost 5am. then she's up for the day usually by 7:30am and still refuses to take a nap during the day.  i literally do not know how she functions on so little sleep.  also, why do kids not understand how amazing naps are?!?  moving on-- her little 3 year old attitude has been out in full force lately and half the time i have no clue how to respond, cause it can be so stinkin' cute & funny but also super annoying when i have to repeat myself 1,000 times to get her to do one simple task.  one of her new favorite phrases is "no mom!  you DON'T say that word!"  what word is she talking about?  i have no clue, i think she just means i shouldn't be telling her what to do/reprimanding her.  the other phrase is, while referring to me telling her she can't do something:  "but mom!  it's not a big deal or anything!"  sigh...  it's a daily battle trying to decide how to react to these situations and i know they are only going to get worse as she gets older.

but on the other hand it's like she flips a switch and can suddenly be the sweetest little thing!  sharing with peter, comforting him when he gets hurt while saying "aww cute little guy, it's okay honey."  she'll run up to us at random times just to give a kiss and say "i love you, mommy kitty cat."  (also not sure why she calls me that haha) she's obsessed with her little sister and she's not even born yet!  she'll run up to my stomach, wrap her arms around it and say "i love you baby!  hope you're feeling good!"  i'm praying that her obsession is just as strong once baby girl is finally here.

long story short-- toddlers are confusing and make little to no sense but are also fascinating & adorable to watch and learn from.  as hard as it is i really need to take my own advice as it comes from her secondhand: "mom, just calm down and slow down."

i tell you what, i feel like i owe my parents spa gift cards for life after going through just this short amount of confusing parenthood.

happy almost weekend everyone!


Thursday, September 14, 2017

3 2 weeks pregnancy update

okay sooo, once again a post that's been long overdue.  i'm gonna just go ahead and blame it on the weather since it's been so crazy lately.... after all we did get home from our trip to Galveston literally a day before Harvey hit!  on that note-- a huge thank you to all of you that reached out to make sure we were safe, offered a place to stay, and prayed for us non-stop.  we are so blessed to live in a neighborhood that has good drainage and the only thing we can even "complain" about was the cabin fever.  after seeing what so many other people are going through, i will take cabin fever 1,000 times over again.  please keep those prayers coming for everyone that was greatly effected by the storm(s), i know they are appreciated 100%.

okay, on to our little, or not so little, updates!  at 32 weeks pregnant i'm feeling all the feels and so ready to be done.  but i also know i am so blessed to be able to carry this little life inside of me so i have to try my best to not complain (which is super difficult 🙈) about the temporary pains i'm going through...  let's just say compression socks are my accessory of umm, "choice" these days?  but really- the vein situation in my legs is just ridiculous and i'm super ready to feel normal again.  whatever that means.  also, when the doctor says she thinks you're measuring small you take that as a sign to eat alllll the chips & queso.  i mean, i'm doing it to help the baby bulk up, right?  at least that's what i'm telling myself.  and i'll just keep ignoring the fact that the scale IS going up despite the size of my stomach, which honestly seems huge to me and i'm willing to bet baby girl is gonna be right up there with her siblings weighing over 8lbs. and hardly even able to fit into newborn clothes. but i'll take any excuse i can get, someone pass me the chips....


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Saturday, August 19, 2017

s m a l l v i c t o r i e s

currently 28 weeks pregnant and feeling all kinds of tired & huge but here's a random little list of small victories/moments that make me smile.  also it helps me procrastinate all the packing i should be doing for our beach trip tomorrow...

•this little gem of zo reading her brother his favorite book

•she is also obsessed with feeling baby kick and move.  at first it seemed to scare her but now she loves it and asks all the time if baby is awake.

•took both kids by myself on a mini vacay/road trip to Waco & Fort Worth to visit family a few weeks ago.   zo had been begging and begging to get to see her cousins for weeks so i finally gave in and made the drive.  getting to see family is always good for everyone, and zo was not ready to come home but eventually she got over having to return to her endless amount of toys and only peter to play with.  she's got a rough life.

•being up for hours in the middle of the night with PB and still somehow managing to make it through the next day, thank you caffeine.

•when it's raining cats & dogs outside but you have to go to target (with both kids) and you realize your rain boots perfectly hide your super cute compression socks #glamourspregnancy
can it just be rainy every day?  no wait--that would just induce cabin fever and that's never a good thing with two littles...
dress: loft similar , similar short sleeve || rain boots: similar

•making it out of target without O N E impulse buy!  i made the mistake of telling this one to greg, his response-- "wait, so every time you go to target you end up coming home with something that wasn't on your list?!"  umm no.  that almost never happens... nope, never.  moving on!

•grocery shopping, *que the music* allll by myselfffff!

this Instagram post where i raved all about our trip to Costco. *spoiler alert* we were in there for less than an hour and left, again, with no impulse buys!

•poor greg was so hoping zo would be his rock climbing child but this girl has the upper body strength of a newborn bird. peter, on the other hand pulls our solid wooden dining chairs out while zo is sitting in one every time she's done eating so she can get down.  sometimes he does this with one arm...  pretty sure that's daddy's futer climbing partner.

•getting allll the laundry done in one day.  i'm talking towels, bed linens, kids clothes & our clothes all washed, dried and folded in  O N E day!  yup, was feeling pretty accomplished that day. 

•counting down the hours  till we leave for our little beach getaway.  still avoiding that packing though...

•currently praying away the snot & cough that peter came down with.  please please feel better by sunday and please please let no one else get sick!

•have a happy weekend everyone! 


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

24 weeks pregnant & learning to relax

chambray button down: similar || denim maternity shorts: similar ASOS (shout out to awesome friends who loan you cute & perfect summer maternity clothes!:) || tank top: target || glasses: Oliver Peoples

well i am now 24 weeks along with this little pumpkin and she has really made an appearance this past week!  talkin' helloooww baby bump!  still no complaints over here excluding my bulging veins (which i briefly mentioned in my last post) in my legs which sometimes hurt quite a bit after being on my feet all day. so i've been trying to make more of an effort to sit down and prop my feet up, while wearing my ultra chic compression socks(!), a few times a day but i'm not gonna lie, it's hard.  and it's not just because of the two kids who come over immediately once they see me sit down demanding i hold one of them, play with the other and then continue to climb/kick all over me... this is how i imagine it goes in their heads-- "look! mom's sitting down! hey from this angle she looks like she'd make the perfect playground!  quick, lets go climb/beat up all over her!" thanks kids.. it's no biggie, really haha.

but honestly, i think too often i end up feeling guilty for taking just 5 minutes to myself sitting down and resting when i know there are SO many other things i need to/should get done instead.  and it doesn't help that once i'm actually sitting on the couch it makes me realize just how tired i actually feel, which then makes me realize i should make a coffee to get through the rest of the day and as i've mentioned before, it's a whole family affair when it comes to making mom's coffee... Sooo long story short, i'm working on letting myself rest more and telling myself that it's just as important as cleaning the kitchen, putting away the laundry and fetching individual snacks 1,000 times a day.  i think  i'm making some pretty big strides!  the other night i went to Aldi and got a large frozen pizza that we all had for dinner and didn't allow myself to feel one ounce of guilt about it.  i mean- i did steam some broccoli as a side so it wasn't totally unhealthy ;) but still-- little to no clean up, full bellies and time to relax/play after dinner with the kids was pretty perfect.  #itsthelittlethingsinlife

congratulations everyone, we made it through monday!  thank goodness for afternoon target trips which include coffee, cake pops & strolling the toy aisles with friends :) 


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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

ramblings about patience

•my children are both obsessed with "helping" me make my morning coffee.  i love that they want to help but some mornings, on the outside i'm giving them an encouraging grin and dancing along to the sound of the coffee being poured into my mug, but on the inside i'm screaming that they do everything just a taaaad quicker so i can feel somewhat awake & alive after being up since 5:30am.  thank you motherhood for teaching me the need for endless amounts of patience ;) 

mug: Amazon

•if you didn't see my Instagram post-- surprise, baby #3 is a girl!!!
  i went and bought the first of many impulse buys for baby girl this past week from the cutest little children's boutique.  zo was obsessed with the sales ladies and warmed up to them faster than i've ever seen her warm up to strangers!  the whole time i was thinking "umm who's child is this?!" we got her a pair of adorable little Native shoes that she's been wearing ever since we got home!
p.s. how cute are those kerchief bibs ?!  
kerchief bibs: Amazon | Hedgehog romper: Amazon

•summer time in Texas means never going outside past 11:30am unless water and endless amounts of sunscreen are involved.  thankful for the creative engineer that came up with this adorable little splash area at a local park.

•gorgeous peonies, an ever growing bump & curious little hands begging to please buy the "very pretty flowers!"  
oh, and any tips for dealing with seriously bad varicose veins (notice my left leg) during pregnancy?? 

•taking a quick popsicle break before getting back in the pool & sprinkler on July 4th.  notice Zo's lid AND towel, she absolutely hates when her popsicle starts to melt & drip.   ahh the problems you face as a three year old...  
chairs: Target

Monday is over, yayyy!  The hardest day of the week is done!  Praying that your remaining days are filled with nothing but happiness, love & lottttsss of patience.

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Friday, July 7, 2017

a peter rabbit nursery

Our Little Peter bunny has had a rough week, especially sleep-wise.  it's all due to some hardcore teething & i'm assuming, an intense growth spurt (at least I'm hoping that's what it is) and the poor kid is just a mess 85% of the day. he was so tired this week he's fallen asleep on the floor drinking his milk before 6pm four different times!  he barely even woke up when i changed his diaper and transferred him to his bed.  our kids are notoriously bad sleepers and this has NEVER happened for him, he usually has to fall asleep in his crib, noise machine on & holding my hand while sing to him over and over again.  

but two nights ago the stars aligned, the heavens parted and PB slept straight through the night!!!  the only time i woke up was to go to the bathroom #pregnancyproblems but the rest of the night was pure bliss.  well, excluding the toddler who comes in every night and takes up the entire bed... and after getting such a good night of rest you'd think PB would be nothing but sunshine & a smiles the entire day but nooo, he was ready to take a nap by 10:30am, and that was pushing it, he wanted to go down around 9! #growthspurt much?! i just had to keep reminding myself all day to be thankful for the uninterrupted sleep i got that night and the beauty that is caffeine. Annnnd then there was last night where i didn't end up getting into bed till 3am thanks to the little man... reminding myself over and over how great that previous night was and wishing there was a way to store up on sleep for later ;)  

so while we wait for this odd little phase to pass, i thought it might be a good time to share this little bunny's room now that it's (mostly) done!

nightstand: i just used an empty white crate i had and stood it up vertically!  this one is pretty similar and i'm loving the rustic finish on it || lamp: similar || yarn wall tapestry: this one was handmade by yours truly but you can find some gorgeous & totally unique ones here on Etsy

oh yeah, the baby in that picture fram is totally not Peter... note to self-- order baby pictures. 

Crib: IKEA || rug: Target || hamper/basket:HomeGoods  

shelf: homegoods Similar || book: amazon
given his name, he's obviously gonna be gifted plenty of Peter Rabbit inspired items and we are not complaining one bit!  we call him "Peter rabbit" & "Peter bunny" all the time so the theme fits :) 

wreath: Magnolia Market  || Peter Rabbit bunny: Amazon   
Peter just adores those little bunnies.  When it's time for bed we'll say-- "go find your bunnies and bring them to bed." He gets so excited collecting them from wherever they are laying around the house and waddles away into his room where he lays on the floor cuddling/hugging them :) 
oh, and fun fact-- that blanket behind the bunnies was Greg's baby blanket. 

changing table: IKEA   

string lights: target 

mirror: target similar  || rocking chair: similar

his "throwing a fit" position.   

wood block sign: Amazon  

so much truth on that little sign... and how cute are those elephant booties my sis crocheted for him?! :)

hope you all have a wonderful & relaxing weekend!