Monday, November 21, 2016

what i'm thankful for

•quietish weekend mornings alone with peter while zo sleeps in with daddy.

•almond milk lattes with a splash of mocha kahlua.  why haven't i been starting my day like this every day?! #justkidding #orami 

•chilly fall like weather 

•sweaters, cardigans & layering.  but not for the reason you think.  peter's latest way to fall asleep is by gnawing on my shoulder with his newly debuted top & bottom teeth, all while yelling at the same time.  so i'm thankful for the protection the layers offer cause let me tell you, those teeth are sharp and they hurt! it also means i always have wet/stained spots on my shoulder sleeves too.  oh well, at least he's sleeping! 

•at home date nights.  sushi delivery & wine, while watching a movie (or the office for the 9th-ish time) is our go-to.  a new sushi place just opened up down the street from our neighborhood and we're big fans.  like gone 2 times in the span of 3 days fans. 


•tissues.  cause both kiddos are sick and the runny noses are in full swing over here.  

•seeing the kids start to actually play together.  it's one of my new favorite things, catching these sweet moments of them bonding and starting a friendship together are memories i'll always treasure and be thankful for. 

•coffee.  lots of it. 

•getting a morning workout in while peter, surprisingly, slept in.  also-getting to eat a slow breakfast with just zo since he was still sleeping. 

•my sweet sister who took these adorable photos for us.

•all of our family members & friends.  we are so thankful for each and every one of you.

•my amazing husband who shows me every day how much he loves and cares for all of us.  i can't imagine this life without him, i'm so thankful i married my best friend.

•peter & zoey and the love i never knew was possible until i became their mother. 

•. i am so thankful for all that we have been blessed with in our lives, especially the mundane and every day moments that i all too often take for granted.  

•all of the above wouldn't be possible without my faith.  i am most thankful to Our Lord for His ever lasting love and for showing me that love on earth every day, especially through my little family. 

wishing you all the most wonderful thanksgiving. i pray that it is full of family, love, friends, togetherness and, of course, delicious food.  

happy thanksgiving!


Friday, November 11, 2016

dance it out

dress: Bonnie Jean similar||flats: target
this picture perfectly captures zoey's personality right now. this girl is obsessed with all things dancing & musical. she walks around singing to herself allll day long and is constantly making up a new song/dance routine. notice her right foot- she even makes sure to point her toes every time she dances!  it is seriously the most adorable thing ever. and don't even get me started on those shoes!  she calls these her "dancing slippers" and would wear them all day (and all night!) long if I let her.  she comes into the bedroom during the middle of the night, crawls up into the bed, gets under the covers, and that's when I realize she's gone and found her "dancing shoes" and is trying to go back to sleep wearing them.  we rented a book from the library a couple months ago that was about a cat who loved to dance and ohhh my goodness, zo was obsessed with it. she walks around saying lines from it like "jeté through the day" and "pirouette back into bed". needless to say she was not happy when we had to return it. the only way i was finally able to bring it back was when i told her we'd find another dancing book at the library. i've been looking into dance classes for her cause i know she'd absolutely love it. also--picturing her in a little ballerina outfit is almost too much cuteness to handle!
when greg captured this photo of her the other day we were all just hanging out on the front porch, playing with cars, watching the rain and sippin' coffee. such a simple but perfect way to spend the afternoon. 

i don't really let her drink coffee, she just loves "mixing (stirring) coffee" and trying to sneak some cause she thinks it's funny

oh, and peter is in all out crawling mode now so that's why he's on a sheet (now accepting recommendations on your fave picnic blankets!).  he no longer wants to be held, but instead has to be down exploring everything. it's exhausting but also very exciting watching him grow and discover the world around him.

i hope everyone has a great weekend.  this week has been so confusing & disheartening to me so i hope that just by reading this little post about a toddlers love of dancing it will help to brighten your day, even just for a few minutes.  if nothing else, maybe just take a page from the "zoey hand-book" and dance it out. it really seems to help her when she's having a bad day so maybe it will help the rest of us.