Monday, January 30, 2017

life lately

hello!  merry Christmas! happy new year!  happy almost (yikes!) valentine's day! and yes-- i am still alive. i don't know what it's been lately that's made me feel so busy/tired all of the time (hmm, might have something to do with taking care of a 10 month old & almost 3 year old all day and night...) but it's sadly caused me to put this little blog of mine on the back burner.  i've missed it so much though so i finally decided to make some time to just sit down and write a post out!  annnnnd even in that long leave of absence there really isn't much new with us...  so instead of boring you with my endless, and most likely pointless, writing i'll spam you with some pictures instead and promise to be spamming you with much more blog content soon!! 

oh ya know, just enjoying a nice winter day outside in the 75• weather... 

she takes after her mama for sure 

and he takes after his dad who is more than excited to have a future rock climbing buddy 

this kid is everywhere! he turned 10 months on January 29th and uses just about anything and everything to stand and walk with!  i can tell walking is right around the corner for him...yikes. he's also got 7 teeth now and working hard on cutting another one soon...double yikes. he's also entered one of my favorite phases which is bouncing/dancing anytime he hears music, it's seriously the cutest!  he still has yet to sleep through the night but we are working & praying hard that it's, also, right around the corner! 

and this girl is a princess through and through! we cannot believe how much she's grown in just the past few months.  you can have an entire conversation with her now and you'll be lucky if she ever  stops talking haha.  but really, the talking is allll day long.. endless questions, endless bossing her brother around and my personal favorite -- endless singing. yep she's still just as obsessed with singing & dancing and it's so sweet to see and hear.  being quite the fan of all things musical myself this makes me so happy and also gives me hope that someday i'll actually have someone that wants to go to, and watch,  musicals with me!  cause for some reason my husband just isn't that into it...

also, how cute is this dress!? it's the one from the live action Cinderella movie (also something i'm super excited to watch with her someday!) and to say zo is obsessed with it would be an understatement... grandma hit the jackpot sending this one! 

i hope you all have been having a wonderful 2017 so far!  things sure are changing and i'm still trying to make sense of, and keep up,  with all of it without going insane.  i'll let you decide if that's in reference to politics or just every day life ;)  happy monday all!