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full disclosure- i wrote this page while snacking on popcorn, cookies & sipping wine... that being said I do try to make sure we eat a healthy & well rounded diet, i try to make sure we have a variety of foods with every meal that are rich in nutrients, filling & of course, tasty.  im also all for the occasional pizza party night or chick-fil-a for dinner (this is what the toddler would pick every night if it were up to her) if we are having a busy week and just need something easy. as a matter of fact, we literally have "nacho sunday" almost every week... in our defense we try to make it as healthy as possible by using flax seed chips, homemade pico de gallo & plenty of shredded lettuce.  yep, we love ourselves some nachos! 

as for fitness, i try to get a workout in at least 4-5 times a week.  now since im a mom of two there are plenty of times when this number is much lower, especially on days where nap time just isn't happening.  speaking of nap time, have i mentioned that the baby doesn't nap for more than 40min each nap? no really, it's (almost always) 40min or less.  which means i have to find workouts that will fit into that time block and give me time to cool down so that im not going from cardio blast to feeding baby in 10 seconds or less, hello dramatic heart rate drop.  so, if there are any other mommas out there that are looking for workouts they can do at home, are short and will make you sweat here are some of my favs along with a few pics of how my workouts usually go... 

baby in the swing, toddler eating lunch at the table means i might be able to get a 20min workout it

annnd this is how my workouts usually go, get heart rate up and pumping for 10min before peter wakes up & demands to eat... 

15 day Mommy Fit Challenge  as the title suggests, this is a 15 day workout challenge and its totally free! it even includes a meal plan.  now if im being totally honest, i have yet to complete this challenge. life has just gotten in the way every time I've started it and i end up having to restart it for the third fifth time in a row... but the workouts in this challenge are great! they are
25min. at the most and they are intense!   another plus is that you are given three different options for the workout moves depending on your skill level and lifestyle.  One is geared towards pre and post pregnancy levels, the second is for those who have just recently had a baby or just aren't quite comfortable doing the advance movements yet and the third is for all of those pregnant mamas out there looking to stay healthy & fit while waiting on their sweet babies to arrive.  these workouts are perfect for when you're short on time and just need a quick and effective sweat sesh! 

Tone It Up: i love me some K&K!  their workouts are always great and one of the few that don't leave you feeling silly for following along on your TV like so many of those at "home workouts" will. i love following along with their weekly schedules that they release every sunday, their workouts are always short & effective which is perfect for me since im always pressed for time.  HIITY BITTY BIKINI is one of my personal favorites, burns so goooood..

Yoga with Adriene:: I also love me some yoga and this girl is my fav yogi for sure. she is so great at explaining the different poses and breathing techniques thoughout the entire practice. and she's funny, which is always a huge plus in my book. before little man was born i did her 30 day yoga challenge and loved it, i really saw improvements in my strength & flexibility by the end of the of it and was even getting pretty good at some hand balancing poses!

Have any suggestions about other great workout sites, plans etc?  I'd love to hear about them as im always on the look out for more!  now if you'll excuse me, i need to get back to my popcorn & wine. 

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